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20 July 2023

Year 9 Chinese Cultural Immersion: From Museum Exhibits to Chinatown

On Wednesday 19th July, our Year 9 students enjoyed an unforgettable journey into China’s rich history and vibrant culture. Their engaging voyage started at the British Museum’s China’s Hidden Century and China Jade and Asia exhibitions. The students explored a fascinating collection of artefacts, gaining a deeper understanding of the underexplored eras of Chinese history and the artistic significance of jade.

The adventure continued to the bustling heart of London’s Chinatown. The students took part in a thrilling treasure hunt, sharpening their problem-solving skills amidst vibrant streets. The day culminated with a memorable meal at a popular Chinese restaurant, where the students sampled a range of traditional dishes and experienced first-hand the distinctive etiquette of Chinese dining.

This excursion offered our Year 9 students a unique perspective on China’s heritage and cuisine. Their enthusiasm and curiosity shone throughout the day, proving once again that learning extends beyond the classroom walls.

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