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24 February 2022

Year 8 Careers Assembly with Tom Philipson, CEO and founder of YourStudio

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, Tom Philipson, the CEO and founder of YourStudio, shared some careers insight into the world of creative careers with our Year 8 students. YourStudio have worked on and created retail spaces for major companies such as Nike, Pandora, L’Oréal and Razer.

Mr Philipson highlighted some of the pathways our young people might consider if they are interested in working creatively, including potential future undergraduate degrees if students want to pursue university. The creative sector contributed £101.5 billion to the UK economy in 2017, and generates more than 2 million jobs in the UK. In addition to the wealth of opportunities in the sector for young people, 87% of the job roles available in the creative sector are low or no risk, meaning they are less likely to be made redundant.

Mr Philipson introduced our young people to some different virtual platforms that pupils can start practicing on to develop their practical skills, but he also spoke about the power of having a sketchbook where our young pupil can express themselves and start to develop their own creative style.

Mr Philipson gave our young people some great advice if they are interested in pursuing a more creative-focused pathway in the future:

  1. Explore the things you love
  2. Once you find it research, research, research
  3. Stand out, be yourself, work hard and bring passion to everything you do!

We look forward to welcoming Mr Philipson back to the School to speak to our Year 9 pupils on Tuesday 1st March!

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