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15 December 2022

Year 8 and Year 9 students bid merits for prizes!

Our Year 8 and Year 9 students enjoyed special auctions to round off the autumn term. They used their merit totals to bid for unique prizes donated by their teachers.

The prizes ranged from monetary vouchers, (Nandos, JD Sports, Vue Cinema, Amazon), football shirts, CFBS scarfs and delicious treats like homemade brownies and lollypops. Additionally, there were some “privilege prizes” like the opportunity compete in a penalty shoot-out against Mr Dilley, or ring the school bell for the end of term and there was even the option of a PS5 gaming afternoon with snacks.

Much excitement ensued as our biggest merit earners got to outbid other students to get the prizes they wanted!

Congratulations to Badis (Year 8) and Abdul (Year 9) who won the opportunity to ring the School Bell that marked the end of the term, a most sought after auction prize exchanged for lots of merits!

Thank you to Mr Russell, Mr Hudson and Ms Kennedy for organising this opportunity for Year 8 and 9!

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