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22 December 2023

Year 7 School Council Presentation on Children’s Mental Health

On Thursday 14th December, members of the Year 7 School Council delivered a thought-provoking assembly on children’s mental health.  

Opening the assembly with a warm welcome, the students prompted their peers to think about the meaning of connection and explored the importance of connections with family, friends, and even online acquaintances, urging the audience to appreciate these relationships and consider ways to express gratitude. 

The students delved into the impact of feeling disconnected on mental health, emphasizing that even the smallest connections can make a profound difference. Drawing parallels with the challenges posed by COVID-19, they showcased a powerful video featuring Ian Wright to illustrate the enduring impact of connections.

The assembly highlighted the privilege of modern technology in facilitating global connections while urging awareness of its limitations and the necessity for safer Internet practices. As the assembly concluded, the students left their peers with a call to action, encouraging them to reach out, connect, and create meaningful relationships within their community. 

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