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27 March 2024

Year 13 Vocational Business Bake Sale Fundraiser for the London Air Ambulance Charity

On Tuesday 5th March, our Year 13 Vocational Business Students held a fundraising bake sale for the London Air Ambulance Charity. Their customers were the Year 9 and Year 7s  during their lunch period on the AstroTurf and they managed to raise £192.

The students formed two project teams of 6 members each, that had various roles in organising the fundraising project. These include the following:

  • The project team had to promote the event by designing and creating a poster and presenting this to their target market the Year 7 and 9s in assemblies and their tutor form to raise awareness about the London Air Ambulance Charity lifesaving cause and why this fundraising event is needed.
  • The finance team had the job of working out the costings of the homemade brownies and other bake goods sold at the event such as brownies, doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes and cookies and stay within the £100 budget given.
  • The purchasing team acquired all the ingredients needed for the brownies and other baked goods from the local supermarkets.
  • The operation team had to organise all the treats for the bake sale and set up the venue.
  • The sales team’s job was to sell the various baked goods to the Year 7 and 9s and collate the revenue made from the event.

The entire team was involved in baking the brownies and had the duty of cleaning up the event space.

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