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22 July 2022

Year 12 Economics Workshop on Private Equity delivered by GRAPH Consulting

On the morning of 20th July, GRAPH delivered a 2-hour workshop to our Year 12 Business and Economics students, providing an introduction to the world of private equity (PE). This included understanding PE as an asset class, what the fund raising process is, how PE firms drive value creation and make returns.

The workshop was run by Phil Craig – Partner in GRAPH’s London office – who drew on a wealth of experience advising private equity clients and supporting portfolio company growth.

We’re really proud to support students at Central Foundation and hope we’re able to bring some useful external experinces to help students think through the opportunities ahead of them

Phil Craig, Partner GRAPH Strategy

GRAPH also handed out prizes to two exceptional students in Business and Economics for the achievement of most progression and for highest overall attainment:

Muhaimin Mohamed made significant progress over the year due to his hard work and due diligence, tenacity, and inquisitiveness.  Muhaimin worked tirelessly to improve his grades over the year, through a multitude of past examination papers, sought, and acted on his teacher’s feedback and guidance. He was extremely attentive in class and asked questions to bridge his gaps in knowledge.

Isaac Ohringer also made excellent progress, is well-read and has an exceptional ability in the subject, consequently his contextual awareness is very good. Isaac is a diligent student who possess an innate ability of grasping concepts easily. This was evident in his Economics lessons where he sought to link Economic theory to real world issues. He developed a deep love for the subject and often emailed his teachers with completed Economic essays, questions, and topical issues. Further to that, he worked tirelessly to understand topics he struggled with by going through concepts with his teachers during his free periods.

We look forward to continue working with GRAPH to create new opportunities for our students in the future.

GRAPH is a specialist strategy consulting firm that supports leading global corporations, private equity and credit investors invest in and build stronger businesses.

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