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18 March 2024

Y12 Geography Field Trip to Lake District (Part 2)

In the first week of February, our Year 12 Geography students explored, collected and analysed data in the picturesque Lake District.

The students immersed themselves in data collection amidst the stunning backdrop of Blencathra Field Studies Centre. Capturing the essence of geography fieldwork, our students documented their findings amidst the scenic beauty of Lake District.

Blencathra Field Studies Centre serves as a hub for experiential learning, where students not only study geography but also become stewards of the environment. The centre provides the perfect setting for students to connect theory with practice.

Students eagerly explored the landscape, uncovering geographical patterns and phenomena firsthand. They also meticulously recorded their findings, contributing to a wealth of knowledge about the natural world.

Students worked together to gather data and insights, fostering a spirit of camaraderie in the midst of nature’s wonders. From compass readings to soil samples, students delved deep into geographical inquiry, guided by their curiosity and academic rigour.

The field trip was an incredible experience for all – forging unforgettable memories and fostering a lifelong love for geography!

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