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5 September 2022

Welcome Year 7s!

We welcomed our new Y7 cohort to our school last Tuesday and they spent a special Induction week with us, settling into our school before all other the other year groups returned. During our Induction week, Y7 got the opportunity to practise our Central Foundation routines, specifically SLANT for showing attention to maximise learning and STEPS and SHAPE for confident and polite verbal responses.   

They spent a busy week participating in football trials, a music workshop, CATs tests, learning about zones of regulation and much more. They had the opportunity to tour the school and get to know their form class and build new friendships. 

We were so impressed with the positive start that Y7 made. We celebrated their fantastic achievements, merits and golden tickets at the celebration event on Friday together with parents, with awards for SLANT, SHAPE and STEPs and awards for showing our values of being a learner, showing bravery and kindness.

A special shout out goes to Abdirahman and Hasan who read out their letters to their future selves which shared their ambitions for their journeys at CFBS. Thank you to all Y7 for their efforts during Induction week and good luck with settling in further this term.  

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