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29 October 2023

UK Senior Maths Challenge 2023

The results for the Senior Maths Challenge are in! 50 students entered and congratulations to Sami and Syed in Year 13, as well as Oliver and Zhandos in Year 12 who have all progressed to the Kangaroo round.

The following students got certificates:

Year 13

Sami Gold
Syed Gold
Levi Silver
Adam Silver
Hischem Silver
Mahimna Bronze
Inioluwa Bronze
Melisa Bronze
Ahmed Bronze
Joao Bronze
Koshin Bronze
Lucas Bronze
Simona Bronze


Year 12

Oliver Gold
Zhandos Gold
David Silver
Enrico Silver
Abdullahi Silver
Aaliyah Silver
Eshan Silver
Ahmed Bronze
Tanjil Bronze
Rakin Bronze
Maria Bronze
Thomas Bronze
Isa Bronze
James Bronze
Yilak Bronze
Amar Bronze
Mayecha Bronze
Adhum Bronze


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