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24 February 2023

UK Mathematics Trust – Intermediate Maths Challenge Results

On Thursday 2nd February, 18 students took part in the UK Mathematics Trust – Intermediate Maths Challenge.

The challenge is an hour-long multiple-choice challenge of increasingly difficult mathematical problems to be solved with only mathematical knowledge, a piece of paper and a pencil. I am pleased to announce that over 75% of the boys have received a certificate and we have a qualifier for the Pink Kangaroo (done by only 8000 students across the country).

The thresholds for the certificates

  • Gold 71+
  • Silver 55+
  • Bronze 42+

Congratulations to all the following students:

Year group Student Total Certificate
9 Mylo 66 Silver
(Best in Year)
9 Nawaj 64 Silver
9 Finlay 59 Silver
9 Mazen 59 Silver
9 Leo 54 Bronze
9 Zein 49 Bronze
10 George 60 Silver
(Best in Year)
10 Eric 59 Silver
11 Oliver 87 Gold
(Best in Year)
11 Zhandos 75 Gold
11 Ahmed 73 Gold
11 Eshan 67 Silver
11 Tanjil 56 Silver
11 Thomas 45 Bronze

A special mention to the following students:

Majd (Year 8) – the first Year 8 to take part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge and only one correct question from achieving a bronze certificate. We hope he takes part in the Junior Maths Challenge.

Mylo (Year 9) and George (Year 10) – achieving Silvers and being Best in Year

Oliver (Year 11) – achieving a gold certificate, being best in school as well as qualifying for the Pink Kangaroo on Thursday 16th March.


Students are welcome to join the Maths Challenge club every Thursday in MH08 from 15:30 – 16:30!

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