About the Course

Students will have the opportunity to excel in a broad range of physical activities at Central Foundation Boys’ School. This will include individual activities as well as competitive team games. Every lesson is centred around developing three main attributes, the students’ headheart and hands.

Head – students are challenged to improve their knowledge and understanding of a sport, as well as having to constantly problem solve.

Heart – students are physically active for sustained periods of time and are encouraged to demonstrate perseverance, resilience and effort throughout every lesson.

Hands – students are challenged to improve their technique in both isolated and competitive situations and are encouraged to use tactics to outwit opponents.

Across both KS3 & KS4 each unit of work consists of 7 lessons, which includes an assessment lesson. Students are assess on their practical ability, understanding and leadership. Students will receive a mark of either E, D, C or S for each assessment objective in every unit of work. This is in line with the schools assessment procedure.

Each letter stands for the following:

  • Emerging – This means the student has shown initial understanding of the learning objective.
  • Developing – This means the students has shown understanding of the learning objective on more than one occasion.
  • Consolidating – This means the students has shown understanding of the learning objective on a number of occasions.
  • Secured – This means the student shows repeatedly good understanding of the learning objective in unseen scenarios with a range of different focuses.

Careers include: Sport Science, Coaching, Health and Fitness Instructor, Teacher, Leisure Management, Sports Therapist, Sports Journalism, Official, Sports Physiotherapist, Sports Nutritionist, Biomechanist, Sports Agent.

Director of Sport

Mr Richards