About the Course

At KS3, the Music Department works in partnership with the Music in Secondary Schools’ Trust (MiSST). MiSST’s Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme (ALWP) delivers a curriculum that combines theory and singing with the deep and meaningful study of one specific instrument. All students at Central Foundation will receive a violin, flute, viola or cello at the beginning of Y7 and spend one lesson every week studying the musical knowledge and developing the musical skills required to perform on this instrument. One lesson every 2 weeks is used to provide deep support to students’ music theory knowledge; an opportunity for whole class singing; an introduction to the keyboard; composition and music technology skills.

At both KS4 and KS5, the Music Department follows the Eduqas GCSE and A-Level curriculum. Students receive a high level of support, including free 45-minute 1-to-1 instrument lessons; music school ensemble membership; a variety of school trips and close support in choosing options for careers or further studies.

Performance instrumentalist, music arranger and composer for film/games/TV, sound engineer broadcaster, sound engineer, music-related administration jobs are just a handful of Music careers that are available after Education.

Full details of our GCSE syllabus can be found in the Music Department Handbook
Head of Department:

Mr Haylor