About the Course

Our curriculum has been developed to ensure every student reads, writes, speaks and listens adeptly – no matter what their starting point. We want to develop our students’ capacity to read any book they choose to and to communicate with kindness, respect and confidence.

To achieve this aim, the English curriculum provides an academically ambitious experience in which knowledge is coherently planned, introduced progressively and repeatedly consolidated and applied. By developing a broad and deep cultural literacy, tasking students to practise applying knowledge deliberately and taking students beyond their own experiences we will ensure our young people can be their best and leave school grounded in humanitas.

In terms of university, many A-level English Literature students go on to study for degrees in History, Politics and Sociology, Journalism, Philosophy and, of course, English.

English forms part of many combined-subject higher education courses and can lead to a wide range of careers for example in the arts, journalism and the media, as well as business, the law and administration.

Head of Department

Mr Adams


A Level English Literature

English Literature