About the Course

The curriculum offered at Key Stage 3 (Year 7+8) aims to develop students’ language and literacy skills with a focus on a variety of texts. In preparation for KS4, students will be exposed to a range of classic British texts in addition to a range contemporary novels, plays, poems and short stories. Key texts include: ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare; ‘The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stevenson; ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly and a range of poetry from classic and contemporary British writers.

A-level English Literature broadens horizons by opening up a world of different cultures and experiences. Students read a broad range of texts, from Shakespeare to present day. Away from the set texts, the course requires them to read widely and independently throughout the two years, which means a love of reading is essential to success at this A-level. Literature develops your insight and empathy, and is invaluable in understanding the world and its complex relationships. The course also develops skills in writing critical, academic essays, which are essential for success in any discipline in higher education.

In terms of university, many A-level English Literature students go on to study for degrees in History, Politics and Sociology, Journalism, Philosophy and, of course, English.

English forms part of many combined-subject higher education courses and can lead to a wide range of careers for example in the arts, journalism and the media, as well as business, the law and administration.

Head of Department

Mr Adams


A Level English Literature

English Literature