About the Course

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 aims to develop students’ proficiency with the use of ICT and an understanding of Computer Science theory. An understanding of appropriate software selection, and the skills needed to complete tasks is a major focus. In KS4 the GCSE Computer Science course is designed to be engaging and fun. It gives students the opportunity to discover how computer technology works and to take a look at what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. Through the introduction of programming, it helps them expand their problem-solving skills. For many, it will be a fun and interesting way to develop these transferable skills, which can be applied to further learning and everyday life.

A level Computer Science qualification is offered to KS5 students that is relevant to the modern and changing world of computing. It is a two year course that has exams and coursework to be completed at the end of year 13.


Head of Computing

Ms Nazareth


A Level Computer Science

Computer Science

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IT & Digital Media