About the Course

We encourage students to work individually and train them to have the skills of an artist/ creative.

The KS3 course develops creativity and interest in the subject and builds the skills of pupils through a range of projects. The projects are varied; textiles, print making, graphic design, illustration as well as the formal elements such as painting and drawing.

The KS4 course is driven by the students’ interests and projects develop as the students’ understanding of a theme improves. Students in the past have created political work about government cuts and youth culture. Others have focused on their surrounding from photography of Old Street to drawings of their local area and everything in between.

Outside of class we run KS3 Art club on a Tuesday which allows students to explore new skills, such as Photography and how to use the dark room, to life drawing. We have excellent links with a number of galleries in the area, with opportunities to exhibit art and work with artists on a range of topics.

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Ms Levis


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