Curriculum Subjects

We provide an interesting and well-taught curriculum that is broad and balanced. We seek to challenge and motivate our students so that they achieve to their maximum potential.

KS3 Curriculum Year 7-9

In Key Stage 3 all students are entitled to study the subjects on offer. Many subjects will organise the students into groups based on their ability to improve achievement. We operate a timetable spread over two weeks with 30 50 minute periods in each week.

KS 4 Curriculum Year 10-11

We have specialised pathways to ensure success for our students.

KS 5 Curriculum Year 12-13

We offer a wide range of A level and vocational courses.


In compliance with the Equality Act (2010) and SEND Regulations (2014), Central Foundation Boys’ School strives to ensure that all students can participate in our Curriculum. Ambition and accessibility is at the centre of our skilful writing and planning of workbooks to which all students have access in the classroom. Our Curriculum is written to provide ample opportunity for retrieval of core knowledge, enabling subject content to be committed to long-term memory. Classroom teachers and support staff are well-trained in providing appropriate scaffolds and individual access arrangements in order for all students to access, retain and apply our curricular content. Our Curriculum is designed as a progression model through which all students can academically develop and succeed. We continue to adhere to Islington Council’s Accessibility Strategy (2020-22) and engage with their person-centred approach in supporting access to the Curriculum for children and young people with SEND.

A Levels

A Level Courses