Alumni Success Stories

Oxford University

George Petters & Abubakar Finiin

George is studying Biology and Abubakar is studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Manchester University

Poppy Tame

Poppy went to Manchester University to study Politics and International Relations.

Coventry University

Sonia Mendy

Sonia, one of our Business vocational students, went to Coventry to study International Business Management.

Stanford University, California

Mahed Shakur & Yacoub Yasin

Mahed is studying Maths with Computer Science at Reading University and Yacoub received a full scholarship to study at Stanford University, California.

Queen Mary University

Nicole Cortes

Nicole, went on to study Law at Queen Mary, London. 

Lancaster University

Patrick Pai Tsung Cheung

Patrick went on to study Fine Art at Lancaster University.

Apprenticeship Success

Jannat Haque

Jannat went onto a paid apprenticeship at Google, after studying the Vocational IT pathway.

Samuel Islam

Samuel secured a degree apprenticeship with Goldman Sachs with a Computing focus

Abu bakr Siddique

Abu bakr secured an apprenticeship with Jaguar/Landrover.