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Daily Routine

Daily routine is a key part of success for any individual. Our routine is relatively simple and the specific timings can be found at the bottom of this page.

We follow a 6 period day with most sixth form lessons being timetabled in blocks of two periods. School is open for Sixth Form pupils from 07:00. Students will arrive prior to their  registration period at 08:55 and will then the day will finish after the last period of the day which finishes at 15:15. There are some compulsory and voluntary activities available to students scattered into the school day and also after 15:15.

However, in order to manage the demands of post-16 study, we would encourage pupils to follow the hours of 08:30-17:00. This will allow time to complete the necessary work outside of class to be successful.

Dress Code

There is no official dress code for the Sixth Form at Central, however pupils are expected to use their discretion and dress appropriately for what is a professional context. 

Independent Study

A hugely important factor in success at sixth form is how a student will use their independent study time. All sixth form students will initially have allocated slots within their timetable for independent study. Pupils come to these sessions prepared for work, with all of the resources that they need at to the start of their session. Appropriate use of independent study time includes:

  • Homework completion
  • Timed assessments
  • Weekly practise of assessments for examinations
  • Wider reading and note-taking
  • Condensing class notes into revision notes. This is helpful when consistently completed after every lesson, as revision should not be done in a crammed period just prior to exams.

Leaving the Site

Students can leave the school site during break and lunch to explore the surrounding area. 

Registration and Form Programme 08.55
Lesson 09.15
Lesson 10.05
Break 10.55
Lesson 11.15
Lesson 12.05
Lunch 12.50
Lesson 13.35
Lesson 14.25
After school clubs 15.15