Every Friday afternoon, we shut down our main curriculum and run our wider provision. This is a time to try new experiences, learn new skills, socialise and have fun. 

Our extra-curricular is split into three key areas: 

  • Health and fitness – we other a range of sports from football to basketball, boxing to gym. These are all great fun and very popular, but we also see our sporting enrichment as a chance to bridge skill gaps, for example, a number of our pupils are beginning swimming lessons, as they currently don’t have this essential life skill. We have a strong tradition of football and sixth form teams are entered into local and national competitions. Our moral imperative is to prepare the students for the wider world goes beyond the classroom.
  • Cultural capital – Every one of our pupils must undertake a financial literacy course, that is delivered by professionals in the sector whom the school has partnered up with. It covers taxes, mortgages and loans, so that our pupils are confident navigating the financial minefield. They have the opportunity to put these skills into practice with our partnership with Young Enterprise, where pupils run their own business, supported by a local business mentor. Any profit the company makes is retained by the students. 

Beyond that, our pupils have access to a series of lectures that take place on a monthly basis, covering art, literature and music. These are delivered by recent graduates from top universities, who wish to share their passion with our students. We supplement the previous with cultural capital trips in the city and beyond. We have recently visited Tate Modern and in the past Rome in Italy.  

  • External partners –  The third and final branch of our enrichment is our external provision. With a huge number of our pupils looking for a career in medicine or the medical sphere, we have used our geographical advantage to form an exciting partnership with the world-famous Moorfields Eye Hospital. Enrichment is a chance to instil values such as altruism and it gives me great pride that over 20% of our 6th formers now volunteer for 3 hours per week, supporting the vulnerable and our local community. A holistic education is at the heart of what we do. We send out pupils into the world confident that they will make it a better place.