A Level PE / Sport

A Level PE / Sport

Course Outline

Physical Education (PE) is an excellent course for students that are interested in how the body performs in sporting contexts and the influences of society and psychology on performance. In the first-year, students study the skeletal and muscular systems, motion and movement, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems plus socio-cultural factors influencing participation.

Year 12

Term 1 – Anatomy and Physiology

Term 2 – Acquiring movement skills

Term 3 – Socio-cultural studies

On-going practical coursework throughout the year (no written coursework)

Year 13

Term 1 – Comparative studies

Term 2 – Sports Psychology

Term 3 – Exercise and Sport Physiology

On-going practical coursework (no written coursework)

Exam board


Head of PE/Sport

Mr Richards


Entry Requirements