A Level Music

A Level Music

Course Outline

Students will gain a deep understanding of the history of western classical music, with a particular focus on the development of the symphony from 1750-1900; music in the twentieth century and jazz. They will study the history; musicology and aesthetics of these musical periods, with a view to being to explain and discuss them in depth.

Each of the units will include an exploration of how to produce music in these styles and the variety of techniques used by important composers. Finally, students will devote time to gaining a serious understanding of their chosen instrument and how to perform on it to a high standard.

They will also develop skills performing as part of an ensemble. Students will develop skills in composition using a variety of techniques through traditional and ICT-based approaches to composing. Through listening to a wide variety of western and non-western music, students will learn to identify the features of specific styles and genres.


How it will be assessed

Coursework (60%), Listening Exam (40%)


Exam board



Head of Music

Mr Haylor