A Level History

A Level History

Course Outline

History will encourage and develop your interest in and enthusiasm for history, providing you with an understanding of its intrinsic value and significance. You will acquire an understanding of changes in society across through both breadth and depth topics and an appreciation of social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity through the study of aspects of British and non-British history. 

Studying History at A Level will engage students with a range of interpretations and provide support to approach these with critical analysis. This will build on your understanding of the past and will improve you as an effective and independent learner as well as a critical and reflective thinker.

You will be expected to ask relevant and significant questions about the past and develop your research skills to complete tasks. You will also demonstrate your understanding of the past through explanation and analysis, developing high order skills such as synthesis, change and continuity. History is a subject that brings a great diversity of challenge along with its rich, fascinating content.

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Head of History

Ms McMahon


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