A Level Geography

A Level Geography

Course Outline

Geography is the study of the physical and human environment and the interactions between the two. If you are interested in people, the physical structures of the Earth, weather events and development, politics and power, globalisation and the power and place of large companies in the world, then you will find Geography interesting.

Geography is an academically challenging subject; you will be required to explain and analyse various physical events, such as weather and tectonic activity, and how our interaction with these events can mitigate the effects. You will also have to assess ideas of globalisation, relationships, superpowers and politics in order to fully analyse the way the world works.

You will be expected to communicate your ideas clearly in short essays, which will be set regularly. You must have studied Geography at GCSE to do the course at A Level.

Exam board

AQA – The full specification may be found: HERE

Head of Humanities

Mr Sharp


Entry Requirements