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22 December 2023

Sixth Form Female Football Tournament

This term marked a milestone for the sixth form female students as they enthusiastically embraced their inaugural participation in a football tournament on Thursday 7th December.

The event proved to be a perfect blend of competitiveness and enjoyment, creating a memorable experience for all involved. The thrill of the game, combined with the camaraderie among teammates contributed to a sense of accomplishment and unity.

As they navigated the challenges on the field, the students not only showcased their athletic abilities but also developed valuable teamwork and sportswomanship skills. The tournament served as a platform for fostering a love for the sport, building lasting memories, and laying the foundation for future athletic endeavours.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, leaving the participants with a sense of pride and the school community with a vibrant new addition to its sporting culture. 

The women of the match were: Naya for her goal scoring prowess, Melisa for her leadership, Maria for her tenacity in defence and Rania for her goal keeping display. 

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