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Pastoral System

Pupils have the right to a good education in a caring and safe environment. We pride ourselves on the quality of our care and discipline.

We are attentive to the needs of our pupils as individuals and as a member of a group. We protect, support, encourage and guide those who need it.

Your son will be well looked after. Our pastoral system ensures that all boys stay in their tutor groups for their whole time at the school, supported by their Directors of Learning, although they are not taught in these groups. This provides them with tremendous stability and security. Counselling and mentoring is available for boys who need support.

We have a very strong anti-bullying policy in which a key element is peer support. Our anti-bullying mentors have received great acclaim for their work in this area – we have received a Princess Diana award for our work.

Dedicating Time to Tutoring

As part of our ongoing commitment to our students’ development, Central Foundation now offers a unique and unrivalled tutor programme. Each year group has eight forms, with each form group comprising under 20 pupils and one tutor.

Praise and reward

Good work and behaviour are recognised and rewarded. Merits are given on a daily basis and certificates for particular achievements are presented in special award assemblies.

Founder’s Day, in memory of the school’s founder, Reverend William Rogers, is held annually in November. This is our prize-giving celebration when boys receive books, cups, shields and trophies in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

At Central Foundation we always put emphasis on praise and reward, rather than punishment, to achieve good care and control.


Central Foundation believes good discipline in school is a pre-requisite for learning. Discipline is firm but fair. Rules are kept to a minimum but a clear Code of Conduct is displayed in all classrooms and in the student planner.

The school monitors the pupils’ behaviour and encourages parental involvement in supporting the school to maintain its highest standards.

Any pupil who misbehaves in class will be taken out of the lesson so that he does not disrupt the education of others.

We have a range of strategies to deal with students who are disruptive. The most common punishment is a detention but we also have an Inclusion Centre and occasionally we will exclude students.


Attendance and punctuality

Students need to attend school regularly to achieve their full potential. Attendance and punctuality are, therefore, closely monitored and we expect all boys to achieve at least 98% attendance.


The whole school meets together once a week for an assembly. On the other four days, boys attend either their year group assembly or a tutorial period. Assemblies at Central Foundation meet the requirements of the new Education Act and are suitable for all.


Students in Year 7 and 8 have lessons aiming to extend their knowledge and develop their understanding of many aspects of different world religions. Students in Year 9 and 10 study a GCSE in RE. Additionally, there is a prayer room which is available for students of all faiths at lunch time for prayer and personal reflection.