Student Leadership

School Council

At Central Foundation, we believe each student can make a valuable contribution to the development of our school.  The School Council is made up of a variety of dedicated students committed to making Central Foundation Boys’ School a great place to learn for all pupils.

The council promotes inclusivity and enables our pupils to have a better sense of ownership, giving them the opportunity to raise concerns as well as suggest areas for improvement.

Members of the Student Council, in collaboration with our Leader of School Council and Vice School Captain meet regularly during each half-term. During meetings, council members will discuss progress on projects and suggest new areas of focus. The School Council will feedback progress to other students through assemblies.

House system

Our House system is a key facet of the Central Foundation Boys School community. Houses are named after four of our founders: Alleyn, Rogers, Gassiot and Wormell, and allows students to feel that they are part of a ‘school within a school.’ Each House is led by two Year 12 House Captains and supported by their House School Councillors in each year group. School Captains in our House system aspire to lead in the future, develop leadership skills of communication and public speaking as well as support the young people within our school to gain the best education and secondary school experience.   

Across the year, there are a variety of inter-House events and competitions where students have the opportunity to put our values into practice. Events are held by all departments from PE, Music and Art to Humanities, Maths and Science. Our House Captains lead by example in encouraging students within their House to ‘be brave, be respectful and kind, be a learner and to be your best.’ House events are the best way for students to take a step outside of their comfort-zone and continue on their journey of personal development.  

Merits and participation in activities all lead to House points and a Champion House is crowned during Founders’ Day.  


School Captain: Charlie-George Linley

A-Level subjects: Maths, Physics and Computer Science

Career/university aspirations: Engineering

Hobbies: Football and Photography

What do you want to achieve as School Captain?
I am keen to improve the links between students in sixth form those in Years 7-11. I think sixth formers can provide a lot of support and guidance for students in the lower years, for example with decisions like selecting A-Level subjects and appropriate sixth form colleges, preparing for exams but also just getting the most out of CFBS opportunities and achieving in every year of school. I’d like to explore setting up a buddying/mentoring system but also Q&A events.

I would like to raise the engagement in extra curricular opportunities at this school, because what is on offer is a truly amazing provision and will prepare students for life beyond the school and make them well rounded individuals.

I want to pursue a career in the field of engineering and applied for this role to further develop my people and public speaking skills. I am looking forward to the opportunity to hone my craft in my upcoming Founders’ Day Speech and am excited about other challenges ahead.


Vice Captain House: Sofian Ghaliane El Hassani

Vice Captain KS4 Student Council / Prefects: Arupa Saha

Vice Captain KS3 Student Council: Tay Wendwesen