Public Speaking and Debate

Public speaking

Developing public speaking skills is an essential part of education and preparing students for university and work in late life. Having a space where they can do this in a structured environment builds confidence, knowledge and understanding. 

At Central Foundation Boys School we have an illustrious culture of Debating. 

We run a number of debating programmes to develop students ability to debate with eloquence and confidence. Volunteers from Hogan And Lovells law firm work with a group of our Year 7 cohort to develop and hone their skills in public speaking within small groups. We also run a Debate Mate core programme with students aged between 12 and 16 and Debate Mate + which is for Sixth form students. Debate Mate is a country wide programme in which hundreds of schools take part.

As former national champions of both the Debate Mate Cup and the Urban Debate League, debating is an area in which the school has truly excelled in the past and one we continue to develop as we move into the future.