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28 February 2022

Michael J Lonsdale supports our Year 12 3D Design A level students

Engineering consultants, Michael J Lonsdale (MJL), have been supporting our Year 12 3D Design A level students as they develop their very own architecture project. MJL will be providing regular insight and industry-specific guidance to pupils’ projects through regular class visits as pupils develop and build a mini model of their final project.

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, MJL volunteers discussed the design process and how importance freehand sketching still is to the development of new ideas, as well as the value of exploring and expressing initial ideas and concepts.

They explained to the pupils how to present their ideas within a portfolio, and that each proposal should tell a story documenting each design decision and the importance behind every step needed. They also highlighted the importance of CAD software such as Solidworks and Google Sketch Up, and the value behind using 3D modelling to illustrate complex problems during the development of a project.

The volunteers also talked students through the process of constructing a project, and how modular design can be used to be more efficient creating less waste and challenged students to think about how they could incorporate this concept into their own design process.

MJL also encouraged students to think about the end-of-life for their project: what will happen to the design once it needs to be disassembled or replaced? Can it be reused or recycled?

Future visits will focus on sustainable design and how students can incorporate this more into their projects. We can’t wait to see what the pupils produce!

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