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2 November 2022

Meet our Student Leadership Team

School Captain: Kadija Khanom

A-Level subjects: English Literature, Economics and Law

Hobbies: reading, baking and keeping fit by going to the gym

What do you want to achieve as School Captain?

I am passionate about mental health and want all the boys at this school to have access to the right information and support. As this is a boys’ school, there could be the tendency for boys to hide their true feelings. There is unfortunately some stigma around men and boys talking about their feelings and this is something I want to change. I want everyone to feel confident to portray their emotions and be supported if they are not feeling their best. The girls who join CFBS at the start of Year 12 might face mental health struggles as well for any number of issues, but also change and transitions are never easy. I myself moved here from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School last September.

I think assemblies and form time (period 1) might be the best platform for promoting mental health. My vice captains and I are all very approachable and you can always speak to us if you want support.

In addition, I really value what all students have to say on all issues that affect their education and experience at Central Foundation, so I look forward to listening to your opinions at our school council meetings.


Vice Captain, House Spirit and Systems: Lewis Roe

A-Level subjects: Biology, Psychology and English Literature

Hobbies: football and gaming

What do you want to achieve as Vice Captain? (House Spirit and Systems)

This school has given me so many opportunities to grow and develop and I am so excited to give something back to this community. I live in the local area and feel very well connected to students across the school and in younger year groups so I think I will be well placed to listen and act on your opinions.

The House System at Central Foundation provides lots of opportunity to be part of a team and engage with sport or charity events. It is very worthwhile to give students a sense of team spirit and build a healthy sense of rivalry. One of the main benefits is that you can get to know new students who are not in your classes and this builds new friendships. I want to make this year’s interhouse competitions bigger and better and I am interested in all your ideas!


Vice Captain, Student Leadership: Isaac Ohringer

A-Level subjects: English Literature, History and Economics

Hobbies: debating, learning Hebrew, reading and writing, cycling and running

What do you want to achieve as Vice Captain? (Student Leadership)

I feel very proud to have been part of this school since Year 7, this is a school that truly prioritises academic achievement. I have received excellent teaching. The teachers and the teaching are what makes the results here so impressive.

I want to collate student voices so that I can offer feedback on key systems in this school. My own experiences here mean I already have some feedback about what works brilliantly and where there is further scope to develop. I think that because of my cultural background, I will be well placed to act as an intermediary between the school leaders and the students. I want to understand what both stakeholders want to achieve and help to make this school even better.

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