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18 May 2023

House English Competition – ‘Looking to the Future’

Congratulations to the talented writers from Central Foundation who wrote compellingly on the topic of ‘Looking to the Future’ for this year’s House English competition.

See below for a selection of the shortlisted entries which came highly recommended and congratulations to our overall winner Oscar in Year 8!


Yves (Year 7)  

A universe without Earth

It happened. My eyes roll back in my head and I fall backwards until I collide with the floor. Another vision. I’ve been having visions of the future for a while now but they have only ever been five minutes before the moment happens in reality… Not this one. Storm. Wind writhing; Horizontal hail, clawing at my skin. Barren, inhospitable landscapes surround me. Life? Gone. Then it changes, A wild green environment surrounded by life; animals everywhere. Humans? Gone. It’s like it wants me to choose, humans will go, but will we take life with us?


Salma (Year 12) 

As I peered into the crystal ball, my heart began to race. The swirling mist cleared, revealing a bleak and desolate landscape. The sky was a sickly shade of grey, and the air reeked of decay. The few survivors cowered in fear, hiding from monstrous creatures that prowled the ruins of civilization. And then, as if sensing my gaze, a pair of glowing red eyes fixed on me; a chill ran down my spine. Suddenly, I realized that this was not a vision of the future, but a warning of what could be, if we did not change our ways.


Modou (Year 10)  

The world was ending. The last humans had boarded the very last ship. As they blasted off into dark, endless space, they looked back at their dying, forsaken planet. They knew in their hearts that they would never see it again. But they were not afraid. They were excited. They were looking towards the distant future. They knew that they would be the chosen ones to start anew. To be born again. They would be the ones to create a brand new world. And so as they looked out into the vast expanse of space, they knew that anything, anything, was possible.


Leo (Year 7) 

I’ve always dreamt that the future would be different to how it is now. I’ve always wanted to see a proper blue sky without it being filled with the smog of carbon dioxide polluting the air we breathe in. But in order for this to happen, we must put our back into it and do something about it. Instead of our lungs being filled with pollution, we could thrive in a world that has oceans filled with life and the cars being electric and forests being colourful and green. It’s up to our generation to make this difference, and if we all take action, we could be living in a clean stable environment.


Oscar (Year 8)

As I studied the lush expanse, I saw a world that was different from what I had known. The sky was a different shade of blue, and the trees had grown taller. The air was fresh, and the sun was bright. I felt a sense of hope and excitement as I thought about what lay ahead. The future was full of possibilities, and I was ready to embrace them. I knew that there would be challenges along the way, but I was determined to face them head on. I smiled as I took my first step into the unknown.

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