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12 March 2024

House Art & Photography Competition – New Beginnings

Right before the February half-term, we took some time to think about the resolutions we made at the start of 2024.

With the theme of “New Beginnings“, we asked students from all year groups to submit an original photograph. This could be a symbolic representation of a new beginning, a moment of change in nature or any other interpretation of the theme.

There were many beautiful images of spring flowers blooming, clouds beginning to clear in the morning sky and symbolic images of a ‘new start.’ The student who submitted the most moving image and is the winner of our competition was Freddie in Year 7!

Photo by Hugo (Year 7)

Photo by Yves (Year 8)

Photo by Fraser (Year 12)

Photo by Toby (Year 8)

Photo by Caio (Year 8)

Photo by Caio (Year 8)

Photo by Rania (Year 12)

Photo by Abraham (Year 7)

Photo by Alfred (Year 9)

Photo by Zayin (Year 7)

Photo by Rahim (Year 9)

Photo by Elizabeth (Year 12)


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