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22 July 2022

GCSE Spanish Trip to Aés in Northern Spain 

17 of our Year 9 and Year 10 Spanish students went to Aés in Puente Viesgo, Cantabria, in Northern Spain from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd July. These students were chosen as they have impressed us with their high achievements, motivation and commitment to making progress in Spanish.

The students stayed in a converted farmhouse in Aés, where they had Spanish lessons in the morning with our lovely hosts, Merche and Fernando, and took part in various activities in the afternoon.

They went to an activity park where they had to complete a zip-line circuit course around the park – it required some to overcome their fear of heights! It was nerve-wracking at a few points but great fun!

They also trekked up a mountain, had a tour of a prehistoric cave, and had an interactive workshop on prehistoric civilisation where students had the chance to test their hunting skills (as prehistoric communities would have done) by taking part in a javelin-throwing contest.

The students got into teams and completed a scavenger hunt game over 2 of the days, with the winning team receiving a prize!

The students went for a day trip to the beautiful port city of Santander. In Santander, they visited a stunning cathedral built on Roman ruins, the impressive town hall and main plaza. They also went to the beach where they got to swim and sunbathe and relax.

Overall, our students had a fantastic time broadening their understanding of Spanish culture and society. This trip has also helped them develop their spoken Spanish for their future GCSE Spanish speaking exam and beyond the classroom.

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