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26 March 2024

Children’s Mental Health Week at Central Foundation

On the week commencing Monday 18th March, the students and staff of Central Foundation put in their collective efforts to run a special and successful Children’s Mental Health Week at the School! Together, we created memorable experiences that emphasised mental well-being through a series of enjoyable activities.

The cinema outing was a highlight, offering students a chance to relax and laugh together.

Our lunchtime board games and chess allowed students from different year groups to meet and bond over friendly competition, strengthening a sense of community.

Teamwork shone through in the dodgeball and football games, with everyone showing great spirit and cooperation.

The School 5km Challenge at Highbury Fields was particularly impressive, with 82 students participating, demonstrating their commitment to fitness and perseverance. Special mentions to Oscar, Lennie, and Ethan for their remarkable performances in the challenge.

Please click the link below to read more about the 5km Challenge at Highbury Fields.

A heartfelt thanks to our Sixth Form House Captains and staff members for their organisation and support. Their efforts were key to the week’s success.

Well done to all participants for your achievements and for representing our school so proudly. We’re looking forward to more events that bring our community together and celebrate our commitment to each other’s well-being.

Central Foundation 5km Challenge: A Test of Endurance and Teamwork

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