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10 June 2024

Central Foundation wins the national Debate Mate: Urban Debate League Championship 2024!

On Friday 7th June, a group of our Year 10 students won the national championship in the Debate Mate: Urban Debate League!

The Urban Debate League is a year long national competition in which teams compete in two rounds of with two debates in each. There preliminary rounds were held in January and February. The CFBS Year 10 team won all four debates. The debates are scored out of a 100 – each speaker being judgement on style content and structure and given an individual score  out of 25. The top 12 highest scoring schools nationally then go into the final of the Urban Debate League. Our team finished 2nd nationally and advanced to the grand final.

98 schools across the country compete in the Urban Debate League.

The team of Dawud, Mazen, Mylo, Finlay, Taylor and Michael represented the school.

The motion they had to argue in favour of was “This house would not encourage children to pursue dream jobs”. A difficult motion to argue in favour of. They emerged victorious defeating the Liverpool regional winners Cardinal Heenan in a very close fought debate.

The boys were over the moon with their triumph, many of them having taken part in Debate Mate for 3 years.

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