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24 August 2023

CFBS students celebrate the achievement of excellent GCSE results

Central Foundation students are celebrating having achieved some excellent GCSE results today.

A group of our outstanding achievers at GCSEs. From Left to Right: Oliver Wright, Zhandos Kellett, Oliver Davy, Khalid Ahmed, Jeremy Tshola, Luke Lewis, Mal Cani, and Jetmir Cenalia.

In both English and Maths over 90% of students achieved at least a grade 4, the first time the students at the school have achieved this. An impressive 36% of all grades achieved were awarded at a grade 7 or higher.

Having worked with the students since they started at the school in September 2018, we are not surprised by these outcomes.  The students have developed and exhibited the school values during their time at Central Foundation, even when faced with challenges outside of their control. The Covid pandemic meant that the year group were deprived of face-to-face lessons during Year 8 and learnt in ‘bubbles’ in Year 9. The students’ resilience in the face of this adversity was fantastic to witness and they have rightfully been rewarded with some superb outcomes.

Our outstanding achievers: Oliver Wright and Jeremy Tshola who achieved 18 Grade 9s between them.

Having achieved these excellent GCSE results, we are confident that our students will continue to thrive as they move on to the next step in their education.

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