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19 May 2023

British Cycling Coaching for Years 8 and 9

Our Year 8 and 9 students have benefitted from British Cycling coaching on Thursday afternoons this term. They have been taught various cycling skills. For example, how to do track stands which is balancing on a bike whilst staying stationery, how to get “pedal ready”, this is the pedal position needed to start a race, as well as safe cornering. The coaches have been very impressed with how the students have progressed in holding track stands for longer and mastering their race craft!

These cycling sessions are the first step on the British Cycling Talent Pathway – this is the training plan for future Olympians! A significant number of our students showed such incredible skill that they have been invited to take part in the Cycling Academy training sessions at the Lee Valley VeloPark every Tuesday and Thursday. These students are invited to try BMX and track cycling. We are so excited to see their cycling future!

Well done to our cyclists Ethan, Anir, John, Jack, Salah, Garad, Bobby, Liam, Shuayb, Ibrahim, Horeb, Almir and Prinye.

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