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17 November 2023

Basketballers ShapING Their Futures with ING

In a unique and inspiring collaboration, ING Bank recently joined forces with Central Foundation Boys’ School, bringing a dynamic blend of corporate expertise and youthful energy to the basketball court. The Year 8 & 9 Basketball Teams paired with professionals from ING resulting in an enriching exchange of skills and life experiences.

Under the enthusiastic guidance of Mr. Lewis, the session kicked off with students taking the lead in teaching ING colleagues a variety of basketball skills. Dribbling, shooting, and strategic plays were on the agenda, as the students creatively devised tasks to help the adults practice and improve their game.

Beyond the court, Mr. Lewis facilitated a thought-provoking discussion about the students’ future aspirations. The conversation delved into what truly motivates these young minds—whether it be financial success, interpersonal connections, career opportunities or other essential life skills. The exchange of ideas fostered a deeper understanding between the students and the ING professionals.

The ING team reciprocated by sharing their personal stories, detailing the journeys that led them to work for such a prestigious company. Each narrative was punctuated with valuable life lessons learned along the way, providing the students with insights into the diverse paths that can lead to success.

The pinnacle of the event was a round-robin basketball tournament, where the ING colleagues seamlessly integrated into four teams alongside the students. The friendly competition not only showcased the newfound basketball skills but also emphasised the power of collaboration between different generations and professional backgrounds.

Central Foundation and the Sports Faculty would like to extend their gratitude to Greenhouse Sports for orchestrating this memorable collaboration and to ING for so actively participating. The event went beyond basketball, leaving a lasting impact on the students, reinforcing the idea that learning and growth know no age or occupation boundaries. This remarkable partnership between ING and Greenhouse Sports serves as a testament to the importance of fostering connections and sharing knowledge for the benefit of all involved.

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