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24 March 2023

All About the Bike Project for 6 Excellent Year 8 and 9 Students

On Friday 17th March, 6 lucky Year 8 and Year 9 students – Suhayb, Ibrahim, Jaysean, Jonathan, Sami and Horeb enjoyed a rewards opportunity, participating in the All About the Bike project.  The students were chosen for 100% attendance, excellent behaviour or notable behaviour improvement.

As a reward the students were given fantastic bikes, which they can keep. They also participated in a full day of training, which consisted of Level 3 Bikeability cycle training – how to ride on local roads and more advanced junctions. Students also learned how to look after their bike via basic maintenance training; mending punctures and adjusting brakes.

We are looking forward to seeing these KS3 students travelling sustainably by bike on their daily journeys!

Horeb has reported on his experience last Friday. “The workshop taught me the essentials of bike maintenance, I now know how to pump up and remove tire if I have a puncture. Going out on the roads in the local area was a new and very exciting experience for me. I learnt to never do a U-turn, to always stay a car door width away from other vehicles and how to use my left or right hands to indicate. I feel very grateful to have been gifted this bike and lock. I have enjoyed riding it this weekend.”

Thank you to All About The Bike for your support; especially to James and Colin for working with our students to make them better cyclists.

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