Staff and Governors

As part of our commitment to improving communications between parents and teachers, the contact details of Directors of Learning and the Senior Leadership Team are listed below.

Directors of Learning

Year Group Director of Learning
Extension Number
Year 7 Mr Hudson 751
Year 8 Mr Russell 765
Year 9 Mr Tong 715
Year 10 Ms Arpino 777
Year 11 Mr Couch 751
Year 12 Ms Patel 760
Year 13 Ms Nedjdet 208
Attendance and Punctuality Ms Arpino 777


Senior Leadership Team

Leader Title Extension Number
Mr Dilley Deputy Headteacher Responsible for Years 10 and 11 (KS4 Lead), Pastoral Lead 243
Mr Barker Deputy Headteacher Responsible for Years 12 and 13 (KS5 Lead) 796
Ms Harries Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum Lead 769
Ms Chawluk Assistant Headteacher – SEN and Designated Safeguarding Lead 701
Mr Royal Assistant Headteacher 718
Mr Stevens Assistant Headteacher 247


Once voted in or nominated, the Governor will serve a four-year term of office.

  • Staff often re-nominate one of their representatives without opposition from other candidates, so an election is not held and they automatically retain their governorship.
  • Foundation Governors are also frequently re-nominated for more than one term of office.
  • All Parent Governors always serve one term of office, although there is nothing to prevent them from putting themselves forward for a further term.

The number of governors can vary, dependent on the school governors Instrument of Government (which is signed off by the Local Authority). In a Voluntary Aided School, the number of Foundation Governors always forms a majority.

For more information:

Contact the Governing Body

To contact the Governing Body directly:

  • By post: Mr Simon Dodds, Chair of the Governing Body, Central Foundation Boys’ School, Cowper Street, London EC2A 4SH
  • By email: Clerk to the Governing Body, Mr Joel Un:

The Chair of the Governing Body can be contacted by post via the address above, or by e-mail via the Clerk

Foundation Governors
LEA Governors
Parent Governors
Staff Governors