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Uniform and Equipment


The uniform list expected of each student is as follows:

  • Black blazer with school crest
  • School tie
  • Plain white shirt
  • Plain black trousers
  • Black leather (or leather look) belt
  • Dark socks
  • Plain black formal polishable shoes with laces – (not velcro, kickers, trainers or plimsolls)
  • V-Neck jumper with school crest (Optional)
  • Plain dark (navy or black) weatherproof coat with no logos (Optional; hoodies are not permitted)

Uniform can only be purchased online from our supplier, Skoolkit and a price list can be found here

Uniform price list 2020-2021

Free delivery of school uniform:

Please see below for a list of this Summer’s Free Delivery Codes. Enter the relevant code at the check out to receive free delivery. When ordering please register under your own name and not as the school.

26TH – 28TH JUNE 2020 – JUNEDEL20


29TH – 31ST JULY 2020 – JULYDEL20

5TH – 7TH AUGUST 2020 – AUGDEL20


Examples of acceptable shoes:

Examples of unacceptable shoes:



The only jewellery permissible is a watch (except for iOS and Android watches) and a single simple stud earrings (gold or silver only) in one or both ears. No other jewellery should be worn.



The equipment list expected of each student is as follows:

  • A pencil case containing:

  1. Writing pens (black or blue)
  2. Pencils
  3. Calculator
  4. Pencil sharpener
  5. Coloured pencils
  6. 30 cm ruler
  7. Rubber
  8. Compass
  9. Protractor
  10. Highlighter
  11. Glue stick


  • A reading book for during registration and sometimes in lessons
  • School planner. This will contain a timetable, homework plans, contacts, calendar and other useful information.
  • Merit booklet


For further information please call the school on 020 7253 3741.

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