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The Key Project

The find out more about the Key Project click to read the brochure or visit their website.

The Key Project is a collaboration between the school, the educational charity The Access Project and leading international law firm Slaughter and May.

The Key Project aims to give all motivated students the opportunity to study at top educational institutions such as Russell Group and Cambridge and Oxford universities. It was founded after the discovery that a child on Free School Meals is 22 times less likely than a privately educated pupil to enter a highly selective university*, despite the fact students have demonstrated their potential to succeed.

Students who join the Project receive one-to-one academic tutoring to support them in achieving the grades required to go to the top universities. These sessions have proved very successful with students reporting that with fewer distractions, they find it easier to concentrate. Our students feel their confidence growing as they have the opportunity to communicate directly and drive their own learning.

The tutors are high-flying professionals who volunteer their time to work with students. Sessions take place at the tutor’s workplace and allow students to experience professional life, to build connections and improve their confidence. Many of our tutors work at Slaughter and May, based only a few minutes’ walk away from school.

Last academic year alone, 100 students from Year 10 to Year 13 have been tutored in one or several academic subjects and more than 1600 hours of free tuition have been delivered.

Along with tutoring, Key Project students receive personalised support in preparing for and applying to the most selective universities including workshops on choosing A-levels and university courses, subject-specific sessions with successful graduates in a variety of professions, 1to1 personal statement and university interview support and work experience opportunities.

Central Foundation Boys’ School alumnus Maksud has taken part in the programme and would highly recommend it to other students: “The additional support I receive is incredible.  At the end of the day, this means that if I am confused in class, I have someone, an expert, to consult with. This makes the difference”.

After having attended more than 75 tutorials in Chemistry and Maths over the course of two years as well as taking advantage of other Key Project opportunities such as the Slaughter and May work experience programme and intensive personal statement and interview coaching, Maksud received offers to study Chemistry at several Russell Group universities. He is now preparing to start his first year of university study at University College London.

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Dilley, thinks that this project is a great success: “We have got untapped potential in our students.  They have the drive and commitment, but until now we haven’t had the resources to really be able to support their progression into Russell Group universities. “

It is a very ambitious programme which supports our mission to ensure that Central Foundation students, whatever their background, will fulfil their full potential.

The project is led by the Key Project Coordinator, Mr Sanei, who is based at the school. To join the Project, students should see Mr Sanei for an application form and further information.

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