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Sixth Form Enrolment

August 19th, 2020

Sixth form enrolment for external pupils is open on Thursday 20th August 2020 from 10am-4pm at the Leonard St entrance. Pupils should bring a copy of their exam results.

For any Sixth form enrolment queries, please email

KS5 outcomes 2020

August 18th, 2020

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

I am sure that you are all aware of the news from yesterday that the government  has now made the decision to award all A Level and GCSE students their Centre Assessment Grades this year, unless the examination boards awarded a grade that was higher than the Centre Assessment Grade, in which case the higher grade will stand.  The Centre Assessment Grade is the grade that was sent from the School to exam boards in June.

The School is delighted that the grades we originally submitted, which reflect our students’ work, effort and ability and which we moderated rigorously internally, will now be awarded.  The achievement of our students have been set against unprecedented disruptions and uncertainties this year.  I have been impressed, not just with the approach of the students to their studies, but with the response of the students to the current situation, in terms of their determination to continue to strive for creating the best futures for themselves.

Overall, the School’s results have stayed consistently high at all levels. 13% of all A level grades were awarded at A*, 43% were at A*/A, 78% were at A*-B and 94% at A*-C.  The overall pass rate was 100%.

The majority of our students will take places at university, including a significant proportion at Russell Group Universities, whilst others will be moving onto high quality apprenticeships.

Two students will study at Oxford University: Abubakar Finiin will study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Balliol College; George Petters will study Biology, at Keble College.   As well as Oxford, we have pupils who have accepted offers to study many of the country’s top universities including; Imperial College, Bristol, University College London, King’s College, Manchester, Cardiff, Warwick, Bath and SOAS.


George Petters, Oxford University, Biology and Abubakar Finiin, Oxford University, PPE


Poppy Tame, Manchester University, Politics and International Relations


Sonia Mendy, Coventry University, International Business Management


Patrick Pai Tsung Cheung, Lancaster University, Fine Art

The breadth of the curriculum in the Sixth Form is illustrated by the extensive variety of courses that students have chosen to study at university; from Aeronautical Engineering to Art, from Physics to Podiatry, and from Ancient History to Artificial Intelligence. The strength of the School’s vocational courses is illustrated by the destinations of the students who studied these courses.  These students, on the whole, have chosen to pursue vocationally based degrees such as Radiography, Nursing, Accountancy, Software Engineering and Cyber Security.

The School is continuing to provide support to those students who have yet to secure a destination that is right for them or who require a change of course as a result of the change in the grades awarded.  I am very thankful for the efforts and support of the whole School community through this whole process and for the colleagues for their professionalism and care for our young people throughout this period.

Mr Brownhill






Please see below a link to a letter to Year 13 students, their parents and carers in relation to A level and BTEC grades.


A level and BTEC grades – Letter to Year 13s 17.8.20



Please see below a link to a letter sent on Friday 14th August to our Year 13 students, their parents and carers in relation to KS5 exam results and information about the appeals process.




Please see below a link to:

  • a letter to Year 13 students in relation to the exam results day on Thursday 13th August and information on options available to Year 13 students

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Please see below a link to the guides containing learning materials for Year 11 students in preparation for their Year 12 A level and Vocational courses.


A level courses  CFBS Year 11-12 Bridging Materials (A Level) 2020

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Please see below a link to a letter to Year 12 students and their parents and carers in relation to preparation for Year 13 studies  as well as a link to a guide containing bridging materials in preparation for A level courses in Year 13.


Letter to Year 12 students parents and carers 17.7.20


CFBS Year 12-13 Bridging Materials (A Level) 2020






Please see below a link to our final, end of year, issue of the Community Bulletin.


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Please see below a link to the Headteacher’s letter for the end of the academic year.


Letter to students parents and carers for end of school year 17.7.20



Sport Report 2019-20

July 17th, 2020


Please see below a link to our a Sport Report for 2019-20.


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