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Year 9 Enterprise Challenge

March 20th, 2011

Out students had their first real taste of business in the Year 9 Enterprise Challenge recently. Year 9s had to work in teams and were given a clear brief for their mission. Their first challenge was to form a company and then to work together, building on individual strengths, to deliver a final presentation at the end of the two days on a fully packaged carrot cake. The students’ endeavours were to be judged by a panel from the competitive world of business.

Students set to work diligently on:

  • design packaging
  • cake production
  • website creation
  • filming an advert
  • creating a business plan

The Year 9 entrepreneurs captured the spirit of the occasion and quickly learnt how to organise, communicate, manage and work as a team in the presentations, students watched nervously as the judges bravely sampled the cakes. A winning presentations was duly selected from each form with the overall winning team being the group who made the most profit from the cakes over the two days.

Overall winner: Bunny Iced Cakes

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