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Year 8s sitting on the steps of the Greenwich Naval College, with the Observatory on the hill behind them

On Friday, 30 pupils from Year 8 visited Greenwich as part of a science trip to the Royal Observatory Greenwich to give them a first-hand look at one of the most globally influential places in London.

The day was warm and cloudless which meant the boys walked up the steep hill to the Observatory, which is one of the highest points in London, in splendid weather. While at the observatory they viewed an interactive presentation which visually brought to life the galaxy and all its planets and constellations, as well as the scientific understanding of stars, space and the universe.

The view from Greenwich Hill, next to the Observatory, over London

After the observatory, they journeyed through the Maritime Museum which delves into the history of humans trying to record time and time’s importance during the era of sea exploration. It also shows how sailors tried many methods to keep time while at sea and how the final method was set upon. Along with the importance of time, the Maritime Museum also contains the Greenwich Meridian – the latitudinal centre of the Earth on maps.

The day was an illuminating experience, showing the importance of trial and error in science, as well as theory and about the potential future of scientific discovery.

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