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Ole Nielsen in Denmark speaking to Year 7s at Central Foundation Boys' School

An important part of secondary school history is analysing evidence in enquiries. One of the first projects Year 7s are tasked with is the mystery of the Tollund Man and they were helped in this project by the Director of the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.

Earlier in the week Mr Samuel, history teacher, organised for the new Year 7s to speak directly to Ole Nielsen via a video link. Mr Nielsen works in the Silkeborg Museum where the remains of the Tollund Man is kept. The Tollund Man is a 4th century BC body that was discovered in 1950 and was incredibly well preserved due to being naturally mummified in a peat bog. Being so well preserved, it provides a rich array of primary sources for historians to debate over.

Mr Nielsen spoke to the Year 7s and then fielded their questions on the Tollund Man and how the village of Tollund was during the Iron Age, showing them artefacts found by his body. They will now use this information to write a letter to the museum explaining who they think the Tollund Man was and what happened to him.

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