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The Year 7 castle competition winners in front of the Tower

Last month, Year 7 were tasked with building their own mediaeval castle. This month, the ten winners of the castle competition, run by the History department, were rewarded with a trip to the nearby Tower of London.

The Tower of London dates back to the 11th century and is an example of the type of castle that the boys were encouraged to create in the competition. so that they could compare it to their own models and see a piece of history first hand. Inside the Tower are a number of exhibitions showing many aspects of the last millennium of British history from the Norman Invasion all the way to the Kray Twins being held prisoner in the Tower for desertion.

The focus of the day was on mediaeval history, with the museum’s exhibition on life in the feudal system. The students also saw the crown jewels and the White Tower, which houses Henry VIII’s armour. The exhibitions gave the students a thorough understanding of mediaeval life and a better context for their history lessons.

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