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Year 7 visit Epping Forest

July 20th, 2017

A group of Year 7s making notes in a forest

Year 7 made notes on Epping Forest's ecosystems

In late July, all of Year 7 visited Epping Forest to expand upon what they had been learning over the course of the term.

The forest is London’s largest open space at nearly 6,000 acres and sits on the border between Greater London and the county of Essex. It is an ancient woodland that is both a site of special scientific interest and a special area of conservation.

Over the course of the week, Year 7 visited the forest in small groups to study the ecosystems of the deciduous woodlands in the forest. They also used the opportunity to test out their map reading and orienteering skills which they had learnt earlier on in the year.

As well as studying the natural ecosystem of the forest, they also considered the impact of visitors on the forest and the way in which the growth of settlements surrounding the forest has changed it.

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