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Trip to RGA

Our Year 12 Business BTEC class were recently taken on a trip to the Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) to improve their job interviewing skills. One of the students wrote about their experience:

Trip to RGA

My class, the Year 12 BTEC Level 3, went on a trip to a business called the Reinsurance Group of America (RGA). We went on this trip as one of our tasks was to take part in a selection interview. 26 members of the staff in RGA worked together to provide us with a real interview experience. Everybody in my class had an interview with 2 members of staff for an Operations Assistant job in RGA. We all applied for this job by sending RGA a CV and a cover letter. The interview was not that long; however, it was really enjoyable and exciting. I have learnt how an actual job interview is and gained experience from it – understanding the types of questions they might ask you at an actual interview for a job. I am now a lot more confident to attend job interviews now.

We hope the other students found the visit useful and will use their new-found skills in the near future.


Trip to RGA  Trip to RGA

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