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Nearly a year on from the 2012 London Olympics, Central Foundation is still committed to promoting sport and exercise within the student body.

In July, the school had the honour of welcoming  Great British Olympian Jeanette Kwakye for a morning of sport, sport science and motivational speaking.

The school’s cricket team were rewarded for their ongoing success this year by spending the morning with the British 100m champion.

Kwakye led the team in a number of physical challenges that put an emphasis on team work and strategy, which she described as the key to success at the top where everyone is physically impressive.

Kwakye spoke to the team about her experiences at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and being the only British woman in 30 years to make it to the 100m final.

The morning concluded with a cricket match, with the team split in half and Kwakye  joining as a special member. Despite her Olympic status in sprinting, the Central Foundation team bested her with their fast bowling, quickly dismissing her from the crease with deadly precision.

Click here to see photos of the workshop.



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