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Firstly, I would like to thank all parents for their support, at what, I know, is a very anxious time for us all.  I have to report that the response of the students has been mature and demonstrates care for their fellow pupils and their teachers.

Our thoughts are with those attendees of the ski trip who are currently ‘self-isolated’ at home.  We have received news of the results of a third of the coronavirus tests that are currently scheduled for these students.  They have all been negative in respect of the virus, which is a great relief, of course.

Moving forward, we will await news of all of the tests, before our ‘self-isolating’ students return to School.  I would refer you all to my previous post, which sets out the precautions we need all to be taking as a community to seek to prevent the further spread of the virus.  It would help us enormously if all students had their full equipment and hand sanitisers every day.

Jamie Brownhill



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